What a wonderful world – Δραστηριότητα του Αγγλομερικάνικου Γραμματισμού

Κατά την ώρα του Αγγλομερικανικό Γραμματισμού, αφού οι μαθητές άκουσαν το «What a wonderful world» από τον Louis Armstrong έγραψαν κάποιες σκέψεις τους σχετικά με το τραγούδι. Κάντε κλικ στον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο για να δείτε τα σχόλια των μαθητών.


–          This song makes me think about the silent places, I was going on holiday.

–          This song travels me to the society, free at my neighborhood. I see my future in people’s faces, in the streets, in the trees, in the roses, in the blue sky and I think what a wonderful world there is outside and that the most beautiful years of my life are gone behind the bars.

What a misfortune!

–          This song makes me think about the beautiful days I had at the free world. I wish to live them again soon.

–          This song reminds of the years I was young and I was going on school trips at the woods in the beautiful nature and how much fun we had.

–          It reminds me that getting out of here, many beautiful things are waiting for me in order to live them with the people that we love each other.

–          I love this song, because it is about green trees and red roses that bloom for me and for you and I think about the wonderful world. This song reminds me of my school years, when we went on trips at the wonderful forests with the green trees and the red roses. The most beautiful thing in the world is being in love.


–          I like this song. This song makes me feel peacefully.

–          This is a good song. I like it.

–          Freedom. Peace.

–          Freedom. Peace.

–          This song makes me think many things: freedom, being in love, being hurt. It makes you happy.

–          Love. Freedom.

–          Love. Peace. War.

A 3

-This is a song for people who are in love.

-It is very pleasant, it makes me feel happy. I feel the love.

-It is like a celebration.

– This song is sad.

-It calms you down.

-This song makes people believe in a bright future.

-It is a love song. I want to be in love.

B Κύκλος

-It is for people who are in love.

-It brings memories from the past.

-It relaxes me.

-It describes everyday reality, but not my reality, the reality outside prison. It makes me hate prison and think about freedom. I want to be outside prison, with someone I love.

-This is a love song.

-It makes me dream. I listen to it and I travel.

-I calm down. I hope to be free one day.

-It makes me sleepy!!! It is for old people.

-This song kills me, because I want to be somewhere else. The prison kills me.

-I want to listen to it all the time. It is perfect. Please, teacher, play it again!

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